Smartphone Cybersecurity™ Platform & Services

Smartphone Cybersecurity™ 


- Our team is comprised of smartphone/mobile, fin-tech and cloud-technology executives.

- Our lead platform service provider/architect of our "Core" services platform integrated: 

Palo Alto Networks® Industrial-grade Prisma Access® (VPN) service and its VM Series® Next Generation Firewalls into an All-In-One, AI/ML-powered cybersecurity platform.

"Endpoint" security protections from other award-winning cybersecurity manufacturers - including Cylance® and SentinelOne® - are also stitched into the platform's framework.



Our "Compliance Booster" services provide additional cyberdefense fortification of and make devices protected by Smartphone Cybersecurity™ "compliant" with strict cybersecurity laws and regulations which especially benefits our Financial Services, Medical/Healthcare and Legal profession clients (as their sectors have mandated cybersecurity precautions).

"Compliance Boosters" that are integrated into the Smartphone Cybersecurity™ platform are:

Mimecast® (Enterprise-level Email security)

Duo® (Enterprise-level Multi-Factor Authentication/MFA security) 

Workspace ONE® by VMware® (for Enterprise-level Mobile Device Management/MDM security).


Our 5G-ready Mobile Plans include Unlimited Talk, Text and Web/Data (in USA and Canada, (international packages are also available, please inquire) and "Hotspot" feature.

- choose from AT&T®, Verizon® or T-Mobile®.

- utilize your own smartphones (tablets and laptops).

- utilize your existing phone numbers or we can provide you a new ones.

- SIM-swap Protection Service™ (SSPS™) is included with all of our 5G-ready Mobile Plans.





- month-to-month, pay-as-you-go service, Smartphone Cybersecurity™ is suitable for all smartphones/tablets/laptops (minimum of 10 connected-devices is required).


- cybersecurity protection suite features the world's leading cybersecurity companies including Palo Alto Networks®, SentinelOne®, Cylance®, Mimecast®, Duo® and VMware®.


- includes 24/7/365 Threat-monitoring by our team's in-house Threat-analysts in addition to Cybersecurity Tech Support.




- Fixed-Rate Pricing with No Hidden Fees or Upcharges.

- Add/Remove devices, anytime - without penalty/provisioning fees.

- Cancel anytime, without penalty.

- Discounted pricing is available for 20 or more connected-devices.


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